Summary of what we did during 2021-2022

Hello there in this article I am going to present you the work that I have done for English lessons this year.
The first projects that I have done in September was about about Yerevan’s streets. In this project I wrote an article and took a video where I was discovering Sayat-Nova’s avenue. For me this project was very fun and useful because I learned so much new information about the street I was walking almost every day that I didn’t knew.

Sayat-Nova avenue

Other projects where also very useful. For example, we wrote down motivation letter for applying the job and create our Cv’s in English. I believe that this is very important work that we have done.I think having a CV in English and being able to introduce yourself as an employee is very good skill that everyone needs in their life.

Motivation letter

The work that I have done with most pleasure was about Yerevan again. But this time I have choose the topic with the most instagrammable places in Yerevan where you can take your photos for your Instagram page and not only. Doing this work I discovered so many beautiful places in Yerevan that I didn’t even know exist.

Yerevan and me

I want to talk about speeches too because they were very interesting. I chose the topic that I think is very realted to everyone in this world. It was about “how social media impact on our self-esteem”.
Writing down this topic I realized how much social media impacts me for the first time. And I would like to protect my people from the damage that social media can do to us.

How social media impacts on our self-esteem

I don’t have anything in my blog about how we were reading fairy tales and interesting facts about Universe to the children of 5th grade. I was impressed how well they knew English. They understood clearly everything that we were talking about.

In the summary, I’m not allowed it to not talk about English club and our poetry Tuesdays. During poetry Tuesdays we were reading and discussing different poems and short stories and etc,.I like this project very much and I hope that we will continue doing it. Also, our English clubs were very interesting. We were watching different videos discussing them learning new words discussing different topics about feminism about animals about environmental problems. I think that it was very useful because we were learning English and so much new information in different spheres

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