Yerevan and me

During our project “Yerevan and me” I disided to share with you some locations in Yerevan where you can take really amazing photos for your Instagram pages. As a source of information I used Instagram accounts. And first account where you can find not only photos from Yerevan but from all Armenia. Here is the link of that account @edkanyan

Also I use these accounts below. Highly recommended to check them out




First I want to share some doors, that can make you Instagram posts more impressive.

This 2 are located at Abovyan street

This one is hidden under the monument of Mother Armenia. Door is the entrance of the museum.

Victory Park, Yerevan, Armenia

And the last door have some mystic story if you believe. The deal is that behind the door is statute of women with her child. And there is red paint on it, but people prefer to think that it is blood.

Margaryan hospital, Mashtots avenue 22

When we are talking about Yerevans insta-location we just can’t resist mentioning Cascade. Most popular and crowded place among young people.

Instagram accounts @dariakashapova


To feel armenian traditions and culture atmosphere you should go to Vernissage and if you are lucky enough you can see “exhibition” of armenian carpets and take unique photos.

3 Buzand st.

Another wonderful place to keep moments alove is Children’s Railway. Just look at this building and feel the atmosphere.

130 Dzorapi Street, Yerevan

Breath of the 19th century right from Hanrapetutyun steet to your Instagram page.

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