What will the future of Armenia be?

Probably everyone is concerned about the future of their own country. Especially in Armenia, everyone thought about it after the recent terrible events. When there is war in my country, my world changes, and me myself change. I start to think differently. At some point, I stop making plans for the future, because it begins to seem to me that there will be no future and my life is about to end. But the war ends, and it quickly passes, and your life becomes the same, but I am completely different.

Now my country and all the inhabitants in it live in anticipation of something unknown and scary, but with hopes for the best. The war is not over, and it is not known when the next surge will occur and how many lives it will take this time. We all just want to live, to live in safety, without fear.
And I just want to believe that an incredible future awaits my Armenia and that it will prosper. Let’s pray for the well-being of our country, and may God take care after our soldiers.

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