Artivism examples

Artivism is practice of promoting a political agenda through acts considered to be art, such as the defacing of advertisements.

In this article I collect examples of artivism on very different topics such as politics, social media, money, global problems, society.

I don’t want to explain them because it’s better to look at them and think in your own way.

But I will just express my own vision of these pictures.

The one in which someone is “helping” poor family and filming it on a video is so accurate because it is close to our reality. Most of the bloggers, stars, politicians and just rich people are doing charity just to film it and show in social media. They are doing it just for their reputation and status.

And I want to speak abut last 2 ones because one is so familiar to me. I get so tired of society sometimes and I need a good relax and being alone to rise some more energy so I can be active in society again.

The last one is so sad story. Two kinds are going upstairs but the first one don’t have money so his way is so hard and the second one is stepping by money so his way is easy. And this situation is so known to us. And we have to do all the things we can to make this appearance disappear.

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