France is most visited country in the world, and Paris as being the capital of the France is most visited city. Paris has so many interesting sightseeings. But there is also other ways to speed your vacation in Paris then just go to the basic places.

As an exchange you can go for picnic on the Seine. There is so beautiful and you can enjoy your evening there watching the amazing sunset there.

For moving in Paris is more rational to use metro or bike. Transportation is on very good level so you can get anywhere that you want.

Being in Paris and not try French coffee and croissants is a crime. You can do it at the any cafe there.

For tourists there are shopping zones in which you can buy clothes, gifts for your family and friends.

In Paris and as well as in other cities in the world you should be so careful in order to be not rubbed. Most of the rubbers.

Also cruise in the Seine is the most existing way to enjoy your day.

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