Haghartsin Monastery complex

Haghartsin Monastery complex was located in the historical Dzorapor province (18 km north to the present-day city of Dilijan, Tavush province).

The educational center of Haghartsin is mentioned in the bibliography of the XIII century and in a short period of time it turned into a famous cultural center. 0

The originality of the monastery complex is provided by the three churches built in different historical periods, two vestibules (one destroyed) and the refectory. The oldest of them is the Church of St. Grigor which is a cross-domed structure. The large vestibule with 4 columns is adjacent from the west, which was built in the 12th century. the last one was built by Ivane Zakaryan. The high sculptures of the corner flat ceilings of the vestibule (figures of people, roses, birds, angels, etc., also small inscriptions) are typical of the XIII century. the uniqueness of Armenian sculpture. Remains of tombs have been preserved near the southern wall of the vestibule. The vaulted chapel is adjacent to the church from the north, and the domed church of St. Stephanos (1244) built of bluish basalt with exquisite details stands on the eastern side.


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