4 types of tourists

For those tourists who prefer quietness is good to go to Dilijan, Jermuk, Arzni or Bjni. Because there are many SPA centers and they can fully enjoy thire holidays relaxing in silence.

For people who prefer travel for fun and pleasure Yerevan is a good place. Because they can enjoy night life here. They can go to hight quality cafes and restaurants, bars, karaokes even casinos.

Extreme lovers can also find what to do in Armenia almost in every region. They can go to the Lori region and do rafting on the river Debed or go to Ararat region and do some climbing at the Hell gorge. Or jump with parachute in Gegharkunik region.

For those who appreciate history and culture Armenia is very good place because they can find very uniqe sightseeings. For example, Geghard will not leave anyone indifferent because not everywhere you can see curch partially carved out of the adjacent mountain, surrounded by cliffs.


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