Types of tourism

1. Domestic tourism

Domestic tourism is the type of tourism when a tourist does not leave his country but travels within the country. For example we are domestic tourists when we travel in Armenia.

2. International tourism

International tourism covers trips outside the country, which is associated with the observance of certain formalities (customs, currency, medical control).

3. Business tourism is a type of tourism performed by representatives of companies / organizations with business (commercial) purposes, or the organization of corporate events. For example going to the international conference is business tourism.

4. Adventure tourism

Adventure tourism is type of tourism when you travel for trying different activities like rafting, hiking, diving. In Armenia you can try rafting, hiking, rope jumping.

5. Medical tourism

Tourism for medical purposes is very popular. People travel to other countries to be treated in more good clinics or go to SPAs. We have very good spa cities in Armenia Jermuk, Bjni, Arzni.

6. Educational tourism

Educational tourism is about traveling for educational purposes, for example exchange programs. In Armenia we can participate to Erasmus program to study abroad.

7. Cruise tourism

Cruise tourism is one of the most expensive types of tourism. You travel on a huge ship and visit a new country and city each day. Unfortunately we can’t organize this type of tourism in Armenia.


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