Syunik festivals

Mulberry Festival

Along the Silk Road where vodka and silk production was highly developed, the Syunik Goods Festival gathers together crafts and food from the province in Karahunj village.

The focal point of the festival is the famous mulberry vodka from Karahunj. The festival begins with mulberry gathering and includes the full process of vodka-making and tasting. Participants can then taste traditional dishes accompanied with Armenian song and dance while also browsing a market of locally-made and grown products.

On tables full local goods, each community in the province introduces its own products and traditional dishes including Sibekh (type of spinach), Ghavurma (traditional Armenian dish), and buttermilk.

The Mulberry Festival takes place in the regions of Armenia where mulberry grows in abundance, and locals have developed traditions of making mulberry products.

The celebration is mainly organized in Syunik region and in the vicinity of Amaras Monastery in Artsakh. The festival begins with the old tradition of mulberry shaking.

Guests can taste the goods on display at the exhibition, purchase them, as well as watch how mulberry vodka is distilled and mulberry doshab is made.

Raspberry festival

The annual Raspberry Festival is held in the Ashotavan community of Sisian, Syunik province, where—locals claim—the most delicious and sweetest raspberries grow.

During the Festival, which occurs in the midst of raspberry season, raspberry farmers gather in Ashotavan to present their raspberries, traditional Armenian gata, and other delicious dishes.

If you’re attending the Raspberry Festival, expect your day to be full of surprises, competitions, and awards. Buy raspberries and other products directly from the villagers to bring a part of the Festival back to your home.

Sheep shearing festival

Summer is here, and so are the cool festivals all around Armenia. Sheep Shearing Festival in Khot village settlement of Tatev community of Syunik region first took place 5 years ago.

In general, sheep need shearing twice a year. Before the shearing starts, participants feed the sheep to make sure it is not afraid of the process. Participants use traditional scissors for the shearing.

After the shearing, the sheep fur undergoes a special process so that local artisans can make a carpet of it. During the festival, skillful artisans conduct a master class on how to make a carpet from sheep fur.

Tourists can enjoy an open-air fair and exhibitions on the “sheep” theme. Armenian folk music and dances are an inseparable component of the festival.

Syunik region is the best place for the festival because sheep farming is on a high level there. The region is home to such tourist attractions as Tatev Monastery and other sites.

The main purpose of the event is to promote local products, traditions and culture of Vayots Dzor,
Syunik, Shirak, Lori, Gegharkunik regions of Armenia, as well as to develop rural tourism, which
will contribute to the economic development of both regions.


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