Tavush food and wine

Greens, peas, cow and pork fat are an integral part of Tavush cuisine. Even if they are prepared from the same dishes in other regions of Armenia, it is the same, here the taste and smell of Tavush is added to it.

Tavush borani is a favorite and popular dish. It is made with beef, prunes, chestnuts or walnuts, onions and spices.

Tavush stew is a favorite breakfast dish, which is prepared with roasted and ground wheat with “pokhindz”, oil, you can use yogurt, dry bread or milk.

Tavush tzhvzhik is made from cow lungs, heart, liver, which is given a special taste by Tavush vegetables: onions, tomatoes, peppers, greens, spices. The people of Tavush recommend enjoying this juicy dish with lavash and local wine.

Tavush chmbur is made from bread dough. The word “jmbur” originated from the local pronunciation of the words crumble, crunch. Freshly baked bread is cut by hand, then crushed in melted butter or oil. What is more delicious than freshly baked bread, the aroma of which combines with the taste of pure oil?

Tavush khashika is a traditional Tavush variety of harissa, which is made with chicken and grain.

After roasting and processing pork skin, they get a unique dish, to which only salt is added, and then it is ready to eat. The people of Tavush love this very much.

Honaspas is made with fresh or dried cornelian cherries, rice, sugar. After cooking, season with cinnamon and walnuts.

Korkot is made with grain and pork fat․ It is simple and delicious.

Jamb is made with milk and flour. Salt should not be forgotten.

Pumpkin stew is made with pumpkin, rice, milk, sugar and oil.

Tavush sali is a type of traditional cake, which is made by putting sweet filling on ordinary layers of dough. After cooking in a pan, oil and sugar are poured on it.

Pnrachil is made with cheese and egg, which is cooked in plenty of oil.

Ijevan wine, fruit vodkas (especially hornbeam, wild pear, plum) are an integral part of Tavush cuisine, they are made from Tavush grapes and fruits.

One of the most interesting representatives of Armenian wines is located in the territoey of the region with 6 ha of Lalvari vineyards.The largest winery in the region is Ijevan winery, located on the left bank of the river Agstev.

Ijevan Wine-Brandy Factory is one of the first wineries in Armenia that was established back in the Soviet times in 1951 for the purpose of supplying Ararat-Trust and Yerevan Champagne Wines Factory with brandy and champagne wine materials. 2005 was a turning point for the factory; it was purchased by the businessman Emin Lavrenti Yeghiazaryan.The company underwent critical changes: large-scale activities were carried out to expand production, the winery was repaired, modern equipment was purchased and latest technologies were used. Besides, the staff was replenished with specialists with academic degrees and diplomas received from the best winemaking universities in Europe. Such changes enabled the factory to keep abreast of the times and science. Today Ijevan Wine-Brandy Factory produces high-quality brandies, grape and fruit and berry wines, fruit vodka, wide range of canned products and dried fruit.


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