Telephone conversation

-Hello. Is this tour agency?

-Hello, yes, you are right, this is Dimond travel agency. How can I help You?

-I am going to spend my holidays in Yerevan, can you, please book hotel room for 19th of October?

– Sure, tell me please what kind of hotel would you like?

– I want something cheap and comfortable.

-Okay, and tell me please, would you be alone or with someone else?

-I will be with my wife.

-In that case, I can offer you Holiday Inn express hotel. It costs 70 dollars per night. Is it affordable for you?

-Yes, that’s good.

-And tell me how many days you are going to spend here.

-Only 3 days.

-Okay, tell me your name so I can book the room for you.

– My name is Joshua Bryan.

– Sir Bryan, you room for 19th, 20th and 21st of October is booked.

-Thank you very much.

-You are welcome, have a nice day.


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