English dialogue

A. Hello, Welcome to Mayble tour agency, how can i help you?

M.  Hello, i want to go out from country with my daughter. Can you pleas offer me something.

A. Yes of course. First take a seat. Answer please to my questions. How much u can spend for your journey.

Q. We have 500 dollars, but we can add some more.

A. OK. What type of traveling you like?

Q. We would like to have restfull vacancies.

A. Ok i got you, would you like to be at see, or at city, or maybe at the nature.

M. We want to go to black see you know.

A. Of course we can organize your trip. But would you like to be at Georgia or Russia?

M. We prefer Georgia, because we like georgian food.

A. How many days you want to be there?

Q. We want to be there for 7 days.

A. What kind of transport would you prefer?

M. What is  cheapest way?

A. Cheapest way is the train. You like it?

Q. Yes, we love it.

A. Perfect, you want regular hotel or something luxury?

M. We want it to be comfortable and nor expensive. We would like if there were  spa center.

A. Ok. What kind of room you want?

M. We want most regular double room please.

A. There is Hotel Marisabel in Batumi, yuo want to go to Batumi?

Q. No, we want to go to Cabuleti, please.

A. There is also good hotel for you it is 4 star hotel. But it is very clear and comfortable.

M. Is there spa center?

A. Yes, there is. Do i need to Book it now?

M. Yes, please we want to travel during 14- 21 of July .

A. Ok you can come for your tour package after 6 days.

Q. Ok bye .

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