Exercise 13.10

1 The storm destroyed the sandcastle that we have build .

2 He hadn’t been to Cape Town before 1997.

3 When she went out to play, she had already done  her homework.

4 My brother ate all of the cake that our mum had made.

5 The doctor took off the plaster that he had put on six weeks before.

6 The waiter brought a drink that I hadn’t ordered.

7 I could not remember the poem we had learned the week before.

8 The children collected the chestnuts that had fallen from the tree.

9 Had he phoned  Angie before he went to see her in London?

10 She hadn’t ridden a horse before that day.

Change the verb into the correct form:

1. I had studied Japanese before.

2. She had baked a lot before she opened her shop.

3. We had a lot of trouble because we had lost our passports.

4. Brian knew many people at the club because he had were there many times.

5. They  had studied English before they moved to Canada.

6. You enjoyed the movie because you had read the book.

7. She really liked him because he  had helped her.

8. Amy had studied a lot before she took the test.

9. We got into the restaurant only because we  had reserved our places.

10. I had been to India before 1986.

11. They had had a lot of trouble before they finally  succeeded

12. Chris had owned that car for 5 years before he sold it.

13. Sharon had been very sick until she stoped eating junk food.

14. I had been in Greece for 7 months before I moved to Spain.

15. You cooked a lot, because you had been so hungry.

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