My Ancestors

There is a lot of poor information about my ancestors left, but no matter how hard I tried to find out, it didn’t work out. That’s why I wrote what I found.
My family is known as the family of Moses. It is a large family.

1830 In the spring of that year, the sons of Moses, Barsegh, Stepan, and David, emigrated from the village of Mosun in Western Armenia.

There is no exact information about Grandpa Movses. He was probably a middle-aged man at the time, as his youngest son, David, was brought into the diaper. We do not know what happened to Grandpa Moses. Barsegh and Stepan came to Garni, where the refugee accommodation commission was located. Barsegh met with, Agha Matos, a close relative of Gulgaz , who was his mother. The latter advised him to go to Noratus village.

Barsegh and Stepan come with their families and settle next to Surb Astvatsatsin Church. And so the family of Moses lives here and prosper.

The family is the third largest in the village of Noratus. It consists of 103 farms and 575 inhabitants. People are long-lived. Lazarus lived for 105 years, the others after 70. Hovhannes Ghazari Ohanyan, who died in the Great Patriotic War, was the first who receive higher education in the family. Arsham Hayrik Soghomonyan, a victim of a car accident, graduated from the military academy from this family.

The family letter is continued by Abraham Yeremi Barseghyan. From whom we come.

My grandparents

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