1. Complete the sentences with in, at, on.

1. My office is on the first floor. It’s on the left as you come out of the lift.

2. I love to look up the stars in the sky at night.

3. Paris is on the river Seine.

4. It’s a very small village. You can’t find it on your map.

5. Have you ever worked on a farm?

6. Our flat is on the second floor.

7. We stopped at a small village on the way to London.

8. Portsmouth is on the south coast of England.

9. Nicola was wearing a silver ring on her little finger.

10. The headmaster of the company is in Milan.

2. Complete the sentences. Use in, at, on + one of the following

the door,   18 May 1991,   Saturday evenings,    the station,     6 months ,     

my way to work,     my guitar,   time  ,  the west coast,    the river

  1. Look at those people swimming in the river.
  2. One of the strings on my guitar is broken.
  3. Have you seen the notice in door?
  4. San Francisco is on the west coast, of the United States.
  5. I usually buy a newspaper on my way to work in the morning.
  6. My train arrives at 11:30. Can you meet me at the station.
  7. We got to the station just on time to catch the train.
  8. They are getting married in 6 months.
  9. Do you usually go out on Saturday evening?
  10. Pauline got married on 18 May 1991.

3.Put in/on/at

1.Where is she?- At hospital.

2.Where are they? – At the airport.

3.Where is he?- In bed.

4.Where are they? – On ship.

5.Where are the stars? -In the sky.

6.Where are they? -At party.

7.Where is John? -At the doctor’s.

8.Where is the restaurant?- On the second floor.

9.Where is she?-At work.

10.Where are they?-On a plane.

11.Where are they?- In a taxi.

12.Where are they?-At  a wedding.

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