Opinion about “Maleficent”

I decided to write about this movie because I had what to say.

In general, I liked the film, a very beautiful picture, a good actor game. But I can’t say that this movie is good enough to show kids.

Two kingdoms are two worlds into which the victim’s life has been split: before and after. Do – a wonderful world with wonderful beasts, fairies, and fantasy creatures. After – a gloomy world of evil people, where there is war, where money and power rule, where living feelings do not matter. A traumatic event of this magnitude causes a desire to return to the “do”, to enclose an impregnable forest so that none of the dangerous people can get there.
And what can this film teach? Is evil good? Or the fact that you have to live your whole life with your grief, reveling in it, and not be able to fight and confront your grievances and adversities, overcome obstacles and move on.

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